Keynote Speakers

Dear Participants, We are glad to announce that four Keynote Speakers will give us an introduction to the following topics. Gábor Mihály Péter (E.ON Hungary): Challenges for Distribution Network Operators [ADVANCED MATERIALS FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION] Markus Scharber (LIOS): Emerging Materials for Photovoltaics – Potentials & Requirements [PHOTOVOLTAIC MATERIALS] Luca Gammaitoni (NiPS Lab, Universitá di Perugia): …


About the symposium and presentations

A symposium will be held on June 17th and June 18th, during which you will be able to discuss the following topics: Advanced Materials for Energy Production, Photovoltaic Materials, Energy Storage Materials, Energy Harvesting Materials, Materials for Quantum Computing. Nominees will have to present their work in the respected fields in the form of a …