Challenges for Distribution Network Operators

Péter, Gábor Mihály1,*

1E.ON Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati Zrt. (Part of E.ON Hungária Zrt.), Győr / 9027, Hungary

The energy industry is currently undergoing a kind of revolution. This is not only the consequence of new developments in technology, but rather the result of a new market structure and novel trends in business. It is well known that climate change has an influence on EU legislation, greenhouse gas emission and energy efficiency became central issues. Beside legislation and regulation the above effects of technology-, market- and business-trends have to be taken into account as well. The widespread use of renewable energy sources, and the appearance of e-mobility induced a change in the behavior of customers. They become “prosumers”, who can generate energy for their own use, and would like to take part in market processes as well. The use of power electronic based new technologies, the widespread application of smart metering, sensors, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions imply the growing role of telecommunication and IT in energy industry.

All these together form a challenge for Distribution System Operators. They have to gather knowledge about the new technologies and the effects of new business environment. beside of the “passive” activity They have to conceive and deploy novel techniques and methods; such as a new network planning approaches, situation awareness monitoring systems, in-line voltage regulators, means of energy storage, automatic regulated transformers, MV earth -fault localization device and PV inverter regulation.

1. Figure – Emerging technologies on Distribution Network


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